Well, 95% of this strategy probably happens through pure intuition… the other 5% through pure focus — more on that.
Currently a Project Manager at a global-focused web design + development company which concentrates a lot of the creative energy I’ve developed over the years into a laser beam hell bent on getting the work done. I currently enjoy working alongside a developer and designer, learning new strategies and implementations to help clients spread their digital footprint globally. In the past I’ve done some amazing work with Netflix, toured / filmed a hypnotist (ultimately getting him on Japanese TV!), promoted a Kagoshima countryside school turned hostel along with various other misadventures…
My life outside work is where the play begins. I enjoy documenting and creating for individuals who want to create impact in the world. I ultimately seek on more ways I can give back using the creative insight I’ve continued to build, along with making ideas reality through collaborating with various creative thinking individuals.
I’ve spent the past 15 years year back-and-forth in Japan from the U.S., absorbing the innermost depths and cultural nuances of both countries. I currently live in Tokyo.
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STORIES which excite my soul
Ad by NISSIN l youtu.be/WNbb9qixsRQ
Music video by REOL | youtu.be/8IK6eLTNV1k
Live performance by WOODKID: youtube.com/watch?v=mIMgSVuW0y0
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